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What is a PMO?

A PMO is a Project Management Office with various tasks. From leading and directing projects to support project manager and the team in run projects. The PMO has no standardized definition, why we use here different synonyms. For example, PgMO as a Program Management Office; PfMO as a Portfolio Management Office or ePMO as an Enterprise Management Office.

What is a PgMO?

A PgMO is a Program Management Office which ensures the program and underneath projets are executed to align the goal of the program. A PgMO defines governance, measures benefits and makes overall decisions in behalf of the companies strategy and operational execution. In a PgMO, specialists in finance, scheduling or resoure management are part of the team.

What is a PfMO?

A PfMO is a Portfolio Management Office which ensures the product strategy and underneath innovative actions are performed to ensure the business is profitable now and in the future. A PfMO defines portfolio governance, measures value and makes market decisions in behalf of the companies strtegic path. In a PgMO, specialists in market research, brand management, accounting or product life cycle management are part of the team.

What is a EPMO?

A EPMO is a Enterprose Management Office which ensures the running programs and projects are strategically executed to fulfill the goal of the program in order to overall capacity of resources. A EPMO defines governance framework in project and program management, Target Operational Models and makes strategic short to mid-term decisions in case of constraints. In a EPMO, specialists in business consulting, resource mangement and project management coaching are part of the team.

What is a TMO?

A TMO is a Transformation Management Office which ensures the critical programs with an impact on employees. The TMO ensure the chance is performed compliant according legal rights. Beyond, a great TMO transform the cultural identity and support employees to identify with their new role or an organizational unit identified with another mindset than before. In a TMO, specialists in law, HR, change management and coaching are part of the team.

What should I do before I start run a PMO?

A PMO includes experts in several management activities. Prior set up a PMO from the scratch, review your current processes and honor which methods and practices works well. The collection help you in define the current best practices to implement these in your company. Note, this is a simple step in reach the maturity of defined project management methods. Further steps include an analysis and a projectized approach in change your framework.

What should I do before professionalize a PgMO structure?

Before starting professionalizing your project management processes, initiate a repository with your best practices. Afterwards, reflect that an optimization and standardization of methods have an impact on your employees work. Some changes in artefacts might be easy to handle as a change to your organization, but improve your processes by restructuring and define governance frameworks might be a transformation of your project workers involved.

What to do prior implementing a TMO?

In German “Königsdisziplin”. Prior establish your TMO, your PMO has to be involved and integrated in your change process. Running a TMO is based on external experts, which are not aligned to your company, have a free mind for a change with a positive attitude.

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