Launch of the BSI-based Training Initiative in Summer 2023 by PMO Schlotte

In the summer of 2023, PMO Schlotte, a forward-thinking consulting firm, launched a groundbreaking initiative to comprehensively assist companies in enhancing their security standards. Our goal was to develop customized training materials and consulting services based on the publicly accessible standards of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and its associated technical documentation.

This initiative began with an in-depth analysis of the BSI documentation to gain a thorough understanding of the required security protocols and best practices. Our team then developed a series of training materials specifically designed to translate the complex security requirements into understandable and actionable measures for companies across various industries.

From September 2023, we conducted intensive internal training to ensure that all PMO Schlotte consultants were perfectly prepared to conduct training sessions and provide consulting services. These trainings were crucial in ensuring a uniform understanding and consistent quality of consultation. Starting in October, we utilized our newly developed presentations (partially created with AI assistants) to conduct training for clients while simultaneously expanding our consulting capabilities.

This strategic adjustment significantly enhanced the effectiveness of our training programs and helped companies effectively improve their IT security standards. The positive feedback from our clients confirmed that a combination of advanced technology and the personal element in education brings the greatest benefits to learners.

The launch of the BSI-based training initiative by PMO Schlotte not only marks a milestone in improving our clients’ IT security standards but also signifies a significant step in the evolution of IT security education, where flexibility and adaptability are highlighted as key elements for success.