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Welcome to our comprehensive IT Security Training Series designed for corporate teams. This collection of videos provides an in-depth look at the critical aspects of information security within the business environment. Each presentation delves into key topics such as onboarding and offboarding processes, role assignments, emergency protocols, data protection policies, and the establishment of a security-conscious culture.

From the fundamentals of IT security, role-specific responsibilities, and procedural overviews to best practices and guidelines for internal and external personnel, these training modules are structured to enhance the security know-how of employees at all levels. Engaging content, practical examples, and step-by-step guidelines ensure that viewers are equipped to uphold and implement robust security measures in their day-to-day operations.

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1. Do you trust the authenticity of videos created using AI technologies?
2. Would you be concerned about the ethical implications of AI-generated videos (in training programs)?
3. Do you find AI-generated voices convincing?
4. Which voice would you prefer?

Training Video ORP 1 Organisation
(AI Males Voice) (EN)

Training Video ORP 1 Organisation
(AI Females Voice) (DE)

We opted for a male AI voice for the English-language training video due to its clarity of enunciation and intonation that fits well with the educational format of our training content. The precise delivery ensured that the material was engaging and easy to follow for learners.

The female AI voice was selected for the German-language version because it made fewer errors in German pronunciation and transcription. In contrast, the male voice was found to have a significant number of errors and at times, an unsuitable accent for the German language, which could potentially hinder learning.


Training Video ORP 2 Personal
(AI Males Voice) (EN)

Training Video ORP 2 Personal
(Human Speaking) (DE)

Similar to Video 1, a male AI voice was used for the English narration of the personal training module. The decision was based on consistency across our training materials.

As an alternative to AI voices, our company decided to employ a human speaker for the German-language personal training video. This approach allows listeners to experience a more natural variation in speech and provides a human touch, which can be more relatable and engaging for the audience.