You initiate a project with either internal or external scope, strategic impact like new product development or organizational change. Your team are experts in technology with lower experience in PMO activities. You worry how to organize a project or program, you worry about the core skills of your experts that they shouldn’t manage on top of their valuable role additiobal PMO tasks. The temporary endavor don’t legitimate a head count on supporting programs or projects. Now, you contract a specialist excactely for your needs with low effort in ramp-up and the period until your projects ends.

Our PMO SUPPORT service gives you flexibility in temporary staffing your project team to get  things done. Either in support in monitoring and controlling activities of scope, time or financials. Or in creation of governance processes, QA of artefacts or communication with stakeholder.

It meets all of your PMO needs, increases your team’s efficiency and productivity by doing the right things right.

  • Controlled expenses

    You can scale your PMO Costs according to your requirements and only pay for what you need. Whether that be increasing or decreasing staff.

  • Trusted PMO service

    Your project becomes visible, reliable and managed.

  • Increased efficiency

    You’ll have your PMO needs sourced to a team of external experts which frees your time and energy of your project specialists.

  • Expense and no investment

    Our  support PMO services help you offset the initial investment of recruiting and personal costs. Rather than spending time and money on job interviews, you achieve an immediate benefit.

  • Economy of scale

    As your program or projects grows, your support structure needs to grow, too. With a support PMO service you can scale your managing structure up or down.

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  • Network

    Expert services are network dependent. We engage in various fields and cooperates with interdisciplinary groups, think tanks and specialists.

  • Remote support

    We support your project remote e.g. in financial management, written comunication with your stakeholder or QA of your artefacts. Each initiation has precense phase on-site for remote activities.

  • Applications

    We use your main PPM software on your IT infrasructure. Supportive activities and preparation of artefacts are created by our specialists on our desk.

  • Reporting and statistics

    We provide selected services to your team, like ad-hoc-reporting and statistics of your project or program to support your experts in decision making process.

  • Benefit management

    For your benefit, we identify and suggest improvements on PMO activities within the contextual design of the program or project with focus on high delivery performance.

  • Knowledge sharing

    We provide support in your requested activities and share our knowledge situational. We additional offer a consultative approach or trainings.



Reflecting your need in PMO support for various project sitiations, it is easy to request our service.

PMO Governance, Financial Management or MPM and Project Execution.

1. How to initiate a PMO SUPPORT service?

We will be part of your team. Either you have already your governance defined or we create jointly the project or program set-up. Start up and running.

2. How to transform your PMO with supportive Service?

Someone from outside has always other experiences and potentially another idea of PMO. We adopt your processes quickly and give impressions of other possible work flows in managing programs or projects. There is no right or wrong, PMO work can be different. If you like to review different aspects on how to do work, have a dialogue with us.

3. How we create service excellence?

We interact with your teams on demand and proactive review processes, tools and PgM and PM methods. We continious improve to create the best value.

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Enterprises with a low matured project management will benefit as well as a high matured PMO with support service. Ongoing organizational changes have an impact on PMO methology and their structure and IT infrastructure. Competencies of the project specialists will be sharpened by experience from other branches, methods, use of tools or roles.

I work as a freelancer with PMO CONSULTING TEAM Schlotte. Together we shapen PMO services so we learn a lot from each other. The experience from projects come back to the tool and method respository which is great to see growing.


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