Imagine your organization and reflect your projects, what do you think?

How is your product development lifecycle running? And is it aligned to your portfolio? How successful are your projects? Which maturity level has your organizational project structure reached? How are decisions made and progressed? Do you have standards in project and portfolio management? Is benefit analysis the right tool to evaluate the value of your program? How satisfied are your employees or your project teams? What do you think about transforming your project management framework or your PMO?

Organizations and their product portfolio changes – with their organizational processes and culture. PMO CONSULTANTS reflects strategic initiatives, transformational initiatives or digitalization. The systemic relation between stragey, processes and people is inherent related to culture. What is the next step in your organization to evaluate the interdependencies between projects and your business / entrepreneurship?

  • PPM life cycle management

    Take control of your company and align the life cycles of portfolio, program and projects to your purpose. We consult according your right strategy for your market and your internal strenth.

  • Governance

    We support you in definition, implementation and adjustment of governance framework with the need of external requirements and desired internal way of working. Iterations of governance rules according organizational development.

  • Value and benefit creation

    Preserving the existing, creating new and allowing innovation. Joint accompanion of process in finding the right value proposition for your company and align beneficial statements.

  • Risk Management

    Take control of uncertainties in stable and unstable environments. Involve the right people for identification, evaluation and definition of right risk strategies in avoidance, acceptance or tranformation.

  • Stakeholder engagement

    Sustainable and overarching stakeholder involvement in human centered approach. Allowing and reflecting opinions, appreciation and integration of ideas and possible results, implementation of consense and context oriented solution. WE are HUMANS and have different valuabale points to reflect.

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Life cycles

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value and benefits

Our consultative and joint approach leads you to transparency and modul solutions fpr your project and enterprise work. Let’s get started



  • Network

    Consultative network strategy to provide expert knowledge.

  • Value creation

    PMO consultants explore the purpose for your project work and support value ccalculation and user experience.

  • Growing

    We provide advanced management tools to your team to mature your PMO Service Management to a higher level.



Reflect your current PMO Governance, Financial metrics or Project Execution with experts. Create an easy and fast standard design and modern PMO frameworks which works for your team.

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